Do It Yourself Container Moving in Canada
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Flexible Move – A Leader in DIY Long Distance Moving Companies

Your choice for a fresh, unique approach among long distance moving companies

Long Distance Moving CompaniesIf you’re planning on relocating and your new neighborhood is more than a quick and comfortable drive away, Flexible Move is here to offer you cost-effective, stress-free solutions. We bring Canadians affordable do-it-yourself service that’s designed to eliminate a lot of the hassle that often comes with moving, and specialize in safe, convenient methods for homeowners across the country. Our long distance movers operate with a level of efficiency, professionalism and customer care that make us your number one choice among long distance moving companies in Canada!

Flexible Move uses a unique process that helps us stand out from traditional long distance moving companies. Instead of offering you a truck for rent, we send you a set of moving containers that are built for better space and storage, and catered towards individuals who are working on a budget and want to perform the majority of the move themselves. These come in three different sizes – 8 feet, 9 feet or 12 feet – with blankets, straps and skins available to protect your fragile possessions.

We’re also happy to provide you with a qualified driver to transport your containers to your new home. Many long distance moving companies rent out trucks and have you drive them; this can cause you undue stress, as it’s likely both the vehicle and the road are unfamiliar to you. With our service, you’ll know that your cargo is safe and sound with a trained professional, and you’ll save on travel costs such as stops for food and overnight accommodations.

Flexible Move is proud to bring Canadians a unique, helpful and affordable choice among long distance moving companies. When you choose us, we’ll send a flatbed trailer to your house, with eight hours available for loading your possessions; once you’re all set, our driver will set off for your new city, and we’ll contact you once they arrive so you can move in with your stuff as soon as possible. Every aspect of our services is meant to provide you with ease and convenience, and we’re happy to go above and beyond to ensure you’re satisfied with our work.

Contact Flexible Move today and see what sets us apart from traditional long distance moving companies! Give us a call at 1-866-220-0652 or fill out our online form to get a quote today!
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