Do It Yourself Container Moving in Canada
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Other Services

In addition to the basic services available, we offer additional products and services to customize your move to best suit your needs.


Upon arrival at destination you will be contacted to arrange delivery. If you have decided to leave your container(s) in storage, a storage rate will apply.


Valuation is the protection or coverage that you have on your contents. Basic Valuation is provided on all Flexible Move long distance moves. In the event of a vehicle accident or fire, your goods will be covered for repair or replacement up to a maximum of $0.60 cents per pound per article. For example, a 100 pound sofa would be covered to a maximum of $60.00 (100 lbs x 60 cents per lb). This protection is free of charge.

Tip: Check with your current home insurance policy to find out if your goods are covered during your move.

You can purchase additional valuation through Flexible Move. In the event of a vehicle accident or fire, your goods will be covered for repair or replacement value up to a maximum of $10.00 per pound. So in the previous example, that same 100 pound sofa would now be covered to a maximum of $1000.00 (100 lbs x $10.00 per lb). The cost of Additional Valuation is as follows:

September 1 to May 31
20 foot container=$190.00
June 1 to August 31
20 foot container=$200.00

If you wish to purchase the added coverage, select "Additional Valuation" on the Get Quote page here.

Equipment Rentals

Specialized moving equipment makes the job much easier and safer. Equipment rental for dollies, and additional moving blankets and straps are available. When you book your move with Flexible Move, we will supply you with the name and contact number to the service centre that will be delivering your container(s) to you. These service centres will be able to quote you on any additional equipment you wish to purchase or rent for your move.

Packing Materials

Over the years, moving companies have developed specialized moving cartons to properly protect your china or glassware, clothing, lampshades, pictures, mirrors, and mattresses in addition to the standard moving boxes we use. These specialized containers are also available for purchase.

Packing Supplies - Nothing is more vital to the success of a move than the proper packing and preparation of your household. To help make packing a little easier, United is pleased to offer you specialized cartons and packing supplies that can be purchased from a Flexible Move depot:

Packing and carton prices can vary from city to city. Click on the city you are moving from to get the name and phone number of the Flexible Move depot closest to you. Please contact the depot directly for carton and packing supply prices. makes it less stressful for people on the move

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