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A group of do-it-yourself long distance movers that specialize in stress-free service

Long Distance MoversRelocation in itself is stressful enough, but if your new home is a couple hundred kilometers away, things can really start to get tricky. That’s where Flexible Move comes in to help. A group of long distance movers that offer stress-free, customer-centric solutions that bring you maximum convenience for minimum cost, and pride ourselves on being your number one choice for an easy, efficient and affordable relocation experience!

The main factor that sets us apart from other long distance movers is our fleet of moving containers, which we offer instead of standard truck rental for carrying your belongings. These offer you more room for storage, and come in three different sizes: 8 feet, 9 feet and 12 feet, giving you plenty of options for space. They also come with blankets, straps and skins to protect your goods for the duration of the ride and are operated by a trained and qualified driver. No long distance movers are more committed to the safe, reliable transport of your goods than Flexible Move!

Enlisting our professional drivers to transport your goods allows you to feel less hassle than you’d get with traditional long distance movers. The usual method of renting a truck and driving it yourself can be very overwhelming, since you’re operating an unfamiliar vehicle that’s filled with your possessions on roads you may never have driven before. It also entails extra costs, such as accommodations and food. Our methods allow you to save on both stress and money in a unique way that no other long distance movers can offer.

For more information on sizes and how the process works, visit our moving containers pageWork with us today and see why we’re a leading name among long distance movers! To get a quote, fill out our online form or give us a call at 1-866-220-0652 today!
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