Do It Yourself Container Moving in Canada
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Flexible Move - A Fresh and Affordable Alternative to Moving Truck Rental

Do-it-yourself containers that eliminate the stress and hassle of moving truck rental

For many homeowners, one of the most stressful parts of the relocation process is the cost and pressure associated with moving truck rental. Operating an unfamiliar vehicle on roads you've never navigated can be overwhelming, and the fees can be rather steep. Flexible Move offers a one-of-a-kind, stress-free method of transporting your goods, and is proud to bring you a time-saving, affordable alternative to moving truck rental.

So how does it work? Instead of standard moving truck rental, we utilize a unique system of moving containers for your household goods. Designed with convenience and cost-effectiveness in mind, these units are perfect for the homeowner that wants to save money and time on their relocation. Each one is equipped with blankets, skins and straps for the protection of your goods, and there are three different sizes to choose from: 8 feet, 9 feet or 12 feet. Our superior solutions can accommodate your needs for space and storage, without the hassle that comes with moving truck rental.

We employ trained and professional drivers to transport our containers, ensuring that your household goods are in safe hands for the trip. This also helps you save on additional costs, such as stopping at a hotel or for food, something you usually get with long-distance relocation. By choosing us as an alternative for moving truck rental, you get a secure, economically sound option for making sure your goods get to your new home.

When you select us for your relocation needs, we'll deliver your container to your home on a flat bed trailer. You'll have eight hours to load your possessions, after which our driver will return and set off for your new city. We'll call you once they arrive and arrange for you to pick up your cargo at our destination center, and you'll be able to start moving in. This process gives you convenience and customization, something you won't find with standard moving truck rental.

If you want an easier way to relocate that's more affordable and less timely, work with Flexible Move today! Learn more about our alternatives to moving truck rental by calling us at 1-866-220-0652 or get a quote by filling out our online form!
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