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Moving Companies MontrealThe relocation process has enough hassle and hustle;searching for affordable & reliable moving companies in Montreal only adds to the stress of the whole situation. Flexible Move is proud to offer personalized service, with reasonable prices, efficiency and customer care as our top priorities. Our unique do-it-yourself methods are designed to save you the money and hassle, and are unrivaled by traditional Montreal moving companies.

So what makes us different from most moving companies in Montreal? Bypassing the usual system of renting out trucks or vans, we have a one-of-a-kind container system that gives you better options for packing your possessions. These come in three sizes and are all loaded with blankets, skins and straps, so you’re guaranteed full protection for your household goods throughout transportation. We’re committed to your convenience, and strive to show that by going above and beyond the efforts of any Montreal moving companies.

Working with traditional moving companies in Montreal more than likely means you’ll have to rent a truck or van yourself. Driving an unfamiliar vehicle on unfamiliar roads often leads to more stress in the relocation process;that’s why our staff of professional drivers will handle all of your transport needs, letting you worry about more important issues like packing and making arrangements to move in. Our methods also allow you to save on travel expenses, like hotels, that are usually associated with truck rental from other moving companies in Montreal.

Once you book your containers, we send them right to your current residence and leave you with an eight hour time period to load all of your household goods. When everything’s loaded, our driver will return and head to our destination centre in your new city;we’ll contact you upon their arrival and help you set up a time to deliver your containers and get the unpacking process under way. It’s our pleasure to go above and beyond for your personal convenience, and we strive to bring you service no other moving companies in Montreal can match.

Skip the stress and work with one of the most affordable, efficient and customer-oriented moving companies Montreal has to offer! Call Flexible Move at 1-866-220-0652 and book today!
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